As a member of the Spokane County Collaborative Professionals, my role as a collaborative divorce professional is to help couples navigate through the divorce process.  I create an atmosphere for fair and cooperative communication, introduce a higher level of problem solving for both parties, help support the needs of the children and directly work with the attorneys.  My goal is to preserve the civility of the relationship, which is critical when children are involved, while simultaneously ending the relationship.

Collaborative Divorce is not a new model of how to resolve legal disputes.  It was developed in the 1980’s by Minnesota lawyer Stu Webb who created the idea that instead of racing to court and spending thousands of dollars for attorneys, collaborative members agree not to go to court. Instead, the couple and their legal representatives agree to focus on working together as a team to resolve the conflict toward an amicable divorce.  Pursuing this avenue also means that most, if not all, of your personal information will be kept private unlike the litigation process.

Divorce does not need to be full of hurt and anger or a win/lose experience.  It is possible to divorce and have both people feel they have accomplished their goals toward ending their relationship.  Divorce is not without pain, but it can hurt less.


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"She gave us the tools we needed to communicate and to begin the healing process."
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"She’s doing better at school, is willing to be more engaged with the family and she seems genuinely happier."
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" I am lucky to have found Wendy Biondi. My children were devastated by my impending divorce."
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