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I am so glad you are here! Choosing a therapist is a big decision, and I appreciate being considered.

Reaching out for help is often difficult and you may be at a point in your life where you feel there is nowhere else to turn. If you’re considering counseling, chances are you’re ready for a change, but may be unsure how to proceed on your own. Though challenges in life are inevitable, they’re harder if you are feeling depressed, anxious, confused, stuck, doubtful or self critical. It’s time to find what can work better for you so that you’re happier. “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” (Martin Luther King, Jr.). Being here, right now means you have already taken that first step in changing your life and achieving mental and emotional health.​

Your next step is to schedule your first counseling session and get started addressing those personal struggles that are weighing you down. Let me help you move forward in your life to feel more alive, vital and more deeply connected to yourself, others and the world around you. I welcome the opportunity to help you meet your goals and support you in realizing improved mood, enhanced coping skills, clearer communication and more satisfying relationships. You will gain skills and resilience that you can draw upon when facing other difficulties in your life now and in the future. You, your relationship or your child are worth it!

You deserve the best possible therapy experience. Give me a call or send an email message to schedule an appointment. I look forward to our work together. I promise there is hope!!!

Wendy Biondi

Wendy Biondi, LMHC

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Looking for direction
She lifted me up
She is extremely helpful
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"Wendy has provided me, through some difficult times, very effective tools for managing my emotions."
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"She lifted me out of despair and began to show me new ways of looking at things."
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"Working with Wendy is an extremely helpful and eye opening experience."
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